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If Montana is “the last best place,” then southwest Montana is the best place in it. Mountains two miles high reach skyward, and valleys fed by flowing rivers fill the spaces in between. Here the western vision takes on solid form, as charming towns and rolling fields punctuate the landscape and wildlife roams unrestricted in its natural habitat.

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Most of southwest Montana is in Dillon County, the largest county by size in the state. Population density is low, so there's plenty of room to spread out with nobody looking over your shoulder. Many new arrivals flock to Wisdom, an authentic small town with a historic downtown located close to the Idaho border and the Continental Divide. There's much here to attract growing families, such as a 4-H club, a K-6 school, and the Big Hole National Battlefield, commemorating clashes between settlers and Chief Joseph's Nez Perce Indians. Nearby Dillon is home to academically outstanding Beaverhead County High School and University of Montana-Western. For culture buffs, there's the Beaverhead County Museum and the Public Library. Lima is another neighboring small town with an impressive historic downtown dating back almost a century.

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Outdoor recreation is a big draw for new residents, with cutthroat trout in the streams and game in the field ranging from pheasants to moose. Fly-fishing and hiking in summer segue to snowmobiling and cross-country skiing in winter, while fall delivers stunning color and spring brings a profusion of wildflowers. Mining and railroads put Beaverhead County on the map, and jeep roads lead to fun discoveries and awesome views.

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Wisdom real estate is refreshingly low-priced, especially for those used to big cities with cycles of boom-and-bust. Lot sizes start at huge and go up to humungous, with acreages being the norm rather than the exception. Homes for sale in this area tend to be geared toward horse owners and as a consequence often feature heated barns, shops, corrals, troughs and other structures suitable for ranching. The log- home look is popular in upscale homes, and by and large Wisdom real estate tends to be well-kept and attractive, making a wonderful impression on the many tourists who visit this area. Because of the brisk winters, real estate in these parts mostly includes thorough insulation and wall heating as well as wood-burning fireplaces. Of course it isn't always winter, so there are many decks and landscaped backyards for family fun in the summer months.

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